3 Best Tips to Make Money Online without any Experience

In today’s article we are going to continue to our ambition to online billionaires without investing much money and time, just working smart not hard.

The first way to generate passive income in a very lazy way is to use these freelancing websites. Like Peopleperhour, you can see on peopleperhour that people are willing to pay about 40 dollars to get their text proofed.

So to basically have someone proofread their text and edit their text for them they would pay 40 dollars for a single text. But what they don’t know is that you can actually just go over to chat GP which is in free AI tool, and you can ask it to check, grabber and spelling and fully perforate and edit some text for you. Then you just paste that text inside of the box and ChatGPT will do it for you in a couple of seconds so you can deliver it much faster than these people and you can of course do it for cheaper because strategy is free, and you can charge like 20-30 dollars for each script and for you it’s just one breath of a button.

Now as I said it will be like 3 ways to make money line and make passive income so this one is a bonus one and it’s to use this AI tool called Durable.co.

Which will allow you to build a website with AI in 30 seconds you can pretty much just click on build your website and you can enter some information about like how do you want your website to look and AI will generate an entire website for you and you can use this in many different ways just be created with it so that’s why I didn’t include it an actual list but this is just a bonus way to make money.

Option number two, to make money and earn passive income in a very lazy way is to go over to rep.com SLA freelancers where you can get flexible work hours and you can get paid weekly to do transcription jobs for other people. What that means is if that if someone has like an audio file or a podcast, they will now pay you about 30 dollars to one do per minute of you transcribing what was said in the video.

You basically hear the audio, and you write down exactly what has been said in that particular video, so they are paying for transcriptionist, and you can get paid quite decently for a video that’s 60 minutes long. You can get paid about 60 dollars now. What these people don’t know is that there are already some AI tools that can do it even better than you and of course a lot faster like for example, you can go to Ritmomi.com which allows you to convert audio to text with Ritmomi and you can do it with pretty much just one press of a button, and it is going to sound very, very good. It’s going to be almost completely accurate. You can of course then just edit it with ChatGPT to make sure that it doesn’t have any spelling mistakes, any grammar mistakes or whatsoever. And then you can submit it over to rep.com and you can get paid for it and this tool. This AI tool doesn’t even cost more than ten bucks a month and you can pretty much to do unlimited of these transcriptions.

So even if you make 60 dollars a day on Ritmomi.com, you can just outsource it for like ten bucks a month and get everything done for you. And the last passive income source that we’re going to talk about is going over to another earning platform like Fiver where you can find people who are paying to get their podcasts edited for them and the thing is that usually we wait about two or three or four days to get their podcasts edited as you can see and people are willing to pay 40 dollars for up to 60 minutes of a podcast edit.

They’re paying about 40 dollars for that, but what you can simply do is you can go over to Clean Voice AI which is a tool that allows you to edit your podcast with one press of a button as you can see stop wasting hours editing your podcast and so you can pretty much just find a client on fiver Upwork or freelance.com or peoplehour.com. And when they pay you 30 or 40 dollars to edit their podcast, you just go over to this AI tool and you’ll leave it to do all the work for you in just a couple of minutes and you can deliver it much faster than all these other FI answers which will obviously give you some competitive edge over them so that you can get more sales and make more money in a very lazy way.

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