How to check if Your iPhone is Original or Fake

Are you confused whether your iPhone is fake or real? Today JMedia is here to take you through a couple ways to to determine if your iPhone is real or fake.

So in todays post we are going to through a couple methods that you can check. And if any of the these methods does not go right, then you will know right off the bat the phone is fake.

So whatever you guys are looking to purchase used or preowned devices, these are really important things to check, especially if you are not buying it from legit store or you are not buying it online, do these when you are buying it second hand or from someone directly.

So in this article we are going to discuss some of those ways to quickly check, and if you are new to this platform, we do a lot of tech news review and giveaways. So make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms.

I have my iPhone XR here and I am going to use this as a way to test out some of the ways to check if this iPhone is real or not.

First thing, what you need to know is that most Apple devices have a serial numbers attached to it. What we are going to do is to take that serial number and check it against the apple server on the Apple website to make sure it comes back as the real iPhone that we are searching up.

To do that, simple go to settings, once your are in the settings, you are going to General and then in general you are to see about and then you are going to take the serial number that you have there, press and hold here and you are going to have a copy notification pop up. You are to hit that copy button and then now you are going to open your browser like safari and then you are going to do a quick Google search for Apple serial number. Look up as you se here, and the first site should hit up where it says check your service and support coverage.

Apple support, you are going to click on that, once you click that it is going to ask you to take that serial number, paste it in there and then we are going to notice is the phone should come up. So we are going to verify that whatever the serial number you put in matches here where this is iPhone XR as I mentioned, and it is goin to tell you if it is a valid purchase date, if it has any coverage or not. But we are not really concerned about that, we are concerned to know if that the phone indeed comes up the way the serial number is attached on the phone.

if the serial number does not show up or it shows a different device than what you are searching up right off the bat, you will know that it is fake device and you might not want to buy that.

Method two, another way to check if the phone is real is that you want to open up App Store. What happens is with fake devices out there, especially the fake iPhones, is that they do not have the real Apple Store because App Store is specifically for Apple devices. And if it is fake iPhone, it will take you to some Android or some random Google Play store. That is the another quick way to determine if iPhone is real or not.

Next thing to check if your iPhone is real is Siri. So Siri is the voice assistant for pretty much any iOS device. And to turn ON Siri on the iOS 14 here, we are going to press the side button here, and you will notice Siri Logo popped up. If you have an older version of iOS, it is going to come up as a black screen. So that is how you can tell the iPhone is real.

And you can issue some Siri commands, for example Siri, what is the weather today? If it gives you the weather report here in your location right the it means the iPhone is real.

The last thing you want to do is that if you have a laptop available, you can connect your phone to iTunes. What will happen is once you connect it to iTunes, make sure you download iTunes. It should pop up there as well that you have the iPhone there.

So these are the tips I wanted to share with you guys today on how to determine if iPhone is real or fake. Thanks for reading, see you guys next time.


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