6 Lazy Ways to Make Money Online While You Sleep

I found six lazy ways to make money online from anywhere in the world without actually doing the work yourself so you can generate passive income without previous experience and without having your own website or any platform.

I’m about to share with you 3 different ways to make money online, what you actually need to do is to stick with me all the way until the end. Now the very first way that you can generate passive income in a very lazy way is to use this website called likeforlikeg.org

likeforlike.org is a website where you can get social media engagement and you can actually exchange social media engagement with other people. So, for example, you can come over to here you can leave likes on other people’s Instagram posts or Facebook posts and you’re going to earn credits from that and then you can exchange those credits for likes on your own social media post. Now a very cool thing that you can do is you can actually install a like for like bot, which then allows you to generate those credits without you actually doing the work yourself. The bot is basically going to be clicking leaving engagement for you and you’re going to collect the credits without actually doing the work yourself and then you can exchange those credits for social media engagement on your accounts and then you can build up those accounts and you can sell them on platform like Fame Soap you can actually get thousands of followers on let’s say Instagram and you can sell that for like 100 dollars, 300 dollars, 500 dollars. You can see all of these people selling their Instagram accounts and other social media accounts on Fameswap.com.

The second way that you can generate passive income in a very lazy way is to leverage affiliate marketing and YouTube shorts reels and TikTok for example, in the last seven days on this platform I made about 3 thousand dollars. In the last 30 days I made about 23 thousand dollars. What is one affiliate network? And what you can simply do is you can go over to this platform called clickandshor.com and you can generate YouTube shorts reels with one press of a button. All we’re going do is upload a long-form video from YouTube and it will turbinate into a bunch of different YouTube shorts reels which you can then blatt all over social media and you can use that traffic to promote or fill it offers just like I did in this case.

Now if you want to see exactly how I personally make money online with AI and what I consider to be the best way to make money with AI.

Third way that you can generate fast and income in a very lazy way and as you can see for example with this one single video over here I have generated about 26 thousand dollars in ad revenue and this one has been going around for almost two years and it’s still consistently making money, and this is just ad revenue alone on a single video and this video about ten minutes alone. So what you can do is you can generate these types of videos using different AI tools so you don’t actually have to record them yourself and you don’t actually have to show your face. You can pretty much just go over to scriptai.com which is an AI tool which will generate professional YouTube scripts for you from one press of a button and once you have a script generated for you, you can generate a human-like voiceover using a tool like 11LabsIO.

So you can pretty much just paste your text inside of 11 Labs and it will generate actual voiceover for again for those wondering if like Dave. But YouTube will never monetize my YouTube channel if I have AI voices and maybe that is the case. So that’s what why I personally do is I first monetize the channel, I get it approved into the banner program and then I started using these AI tools and I had never had any problem with that. One of my channels has been monetized like with ai.

For the past couple of months and finally you can just edit those videos to Lu Five. This is like an automatic video editing tool also powered by AI. You don’t actually have to do the work yourself.

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